About The Authors


     DeLayne Haga graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and has owned a secretarial/bookkeeping business since 1997. DeLayne and Chris, married for thirty-two years, raised two sons. Her hobbies include reading, gardening, baking sweets, and documenting the family's memories through photographs.

     After her husband was diagnosed with cancer, DeLayne became a mentor to caregivers of lung cancer survivors. She was a member of the Cancer Encouragement Group at her church and helped form a support group for caregivers. Following Chris’s death, she became involved with the Widows’ Encouragement Group, the Soul Care Ministry, and the Widows’ Ministry advisory committee at her church. Seeing a need for younger widows to have an opportunity to socialize with other widows, she helped form a group for young, active widows in and around her community.

     Residing in McKinney, Texas, DeLayne is rekindling old friendships, making new friends, and continuing to trust God to provide for her needs and guide her in the next chapter in her life.

       Chris Haga earned a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology from Oklahoma State University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Dallas. He worked thirty-one years for Texas Instruments as an engineer and was working full time until just two weeks prior to his death.

      A devoted husband and father, Chris and his wife, DeLayne, were married for thirty-two years and raised two sons. Besides cycling, he enjoyed photographing nature and doing leathercraft work.

      Chris loved riding his bike for exercise and was riding eighty miles a week when diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer that had metastasized to his brain. He had never smoked.

      The mass in his lungs grew to 13 centimeters before doctors found a successful regimen to shrink it. He was given six months to live, but he lived six years and achieved “no evidence of disease” on three separate occasions. He continued riding his bike another four years despite cancer and only having one good lung.

      Chris participated in four clinical trials, helping to advance medical science to fight lung cancer. The FDA approved two of the drugs while he was in the trials. One groundbreaking study that he donated blood for is now enabling doctors to identify some lung cancers by using liquid biopsies instead of invasive surgical procedures.

      He was a devout Christian and became a regular at his church’s Cancer Encouragement Group. He mentored other lung cancer survivors and worked to raise public awareness that people who have never smoked can get lung cancer.

        Chris desperately wanted something good to come from his cancer experience that would help others and to glorify the Lord through his life. He succeeded in both.