Cancer on Two Wheels is the remarkable journey of a man's love for the Lord deepening even in the worst of times. Chris Haga takes us along with him on the spiritual ride of his life that will inspire you to cling to God every day. For those questioning God's purpose for trials in their life, this legacy of hope and faith is a must-read.

– Dr. Robert Jeffress
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Dallas
Bible Teacher, Pathway to Victory

Perhaps the most compelling attribute of Cancer on Two Wheels is that the author allows us into some of his most personal thoughts and feelings—something very difficult for most to share. Although we will never be able to understand the depth of his experience, he nonetheless weaves his thoughts into analogies of God’s love and grace like a pastor from the pulpit. Chris Haga reminds us of the promise that God continues to walk hand in hand with us and is already preparing the path for each of us long before we take those steps. 

– Gregg Groves

Cancer on Two Wheels is an insightful perspective on cancer, family, and faith. As a healthcare professional, it provided me with a unique perspective with many lessons to be learned, many of which are not taught in medical or nursing school. The strength of Chris Haga is inspiring and a shining beacon for patients and caregivers alike. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, and I am grateful for this book to have taught me a new view through the eyes of a patient. It is a must read for everyone affected by cancer or involved in the care for those affected by the disease.

– Martin Frederik Dietrich, MD, PhD

Chris Haga’s writing is amazing. Just the right tone, always the right words, and so wonderfully insightful and inspirational.

– Robin McGee

The author amazes me by the way he expresses himself in such a talented manner and how he witnesses in the midst of his own struggles.

– Matt Middleton

I have gained a new and fresh perspective of the Lord and how He works in our lives. I have been encouraged and reminded of God’s love through Cancer on Two Wheels. The author has a way of putting his feelings and spiritual battles into written words that transcend time and cancer. Through his encouraging writings, God speaks to me. I don’t have cancer, but I have other trials, and I know that God is with me through all of them. I know that He cares. Thank you for reminding me of that.

– Amy Smith

I am moved and inspired by the author’s courage, but most importantly by his witness and faith. Even during his bad days, he runs to his faith and not away from it. The light of Christ shines brightly through Chris Haga’s writings.

– Curry Vogelsang

God has worked in my heart through reading Cancer on Two Wheels. He has faithfully used Chris Haga to encourage me and give me wisdom. Light in darkness. Powerful truth. Faithful witness.

– Mary Havey


I'm very moved and inspired by the incredible insight Chris Haga has into the tender mercies and love that God provides for His children. Chris has a knack for turning each situation into a life lesson we can all benefit from learning. He shows us specific examples of God's faithfulness and how He cares for us even in the tiniest of details. Hang on to your handlebars for this emotional, sentimental ride that will have you smiling and crying along the way! I highly recommend Cancer on Two Wheels and its companion book, His Love Carries Me, to anyone struggling with a devastating diagnosis and even to health care providers. The Haga family's journey of perseverance during adversity will fill you with hope and encouragement. 

– Kristi Brashier


I have been encouraged in my own faith by reading of Chris Haga's cancer journey in Cancer on Two Wheels. His words were originally written in his blog of the same name as he experienced each challenge that cancer threw at him. Chris's candor is inspiring as he bares his heart before God with his honest quest for understanding and in expressing a sometimes wobbling faith. His account gives one example after another of how God's faithfulness and grace renewed his hope and faith. Chris's example of unquenchable faith, courage, & love will be echoing for a very long time.

–Patty Carroll

Before I get into my review, I think it would help to give a little background. If there is a cancer limbo, I'm in it. I am not in an active disease state, but I'm also not NED (no evidence of disease). My best case scenario is that I will die with the disease and not from it. Having said that, a well-meaning friend asked me, “Do you not find reading a book about someone who lost his battle against cancer depressing?” Quite the contrary. Cancer on Two Wheels is a personal account of Chris Haga's journey with his cancer diagnosis. He was very honest and poignant with his struggles with his faith during trying times and cited the scriptures that helped bring him back on track. That was something I personally was able to connect to and appreciate. Cancer is very much a disease that not only affects you physically but also wears your soul. Although the book was not written as an advice laden self-help book, there is so much that can be gained from Chris' experience. While reading this book, I found myself going back to my Bible and marking passages for future reference. Whether it be my cancer, my mother's Alzheimer's, or something else, I know that my faith will be challenged. Chris shared how he strengthened his resolve, and I plan to literally steal a page from his book. Chris' body didn't win the battle against cancer, but his spirit did. I find that incredibly uplifting. In his book, Chris mentioned that he hoped that his writing would help someone. Consider that mission accomplished. The one thing I would have liked is to have met Chris while he was still alive.

– Romans5 (Amazon customer)

This book was given to us as a pre-release copy.
Chris left us with a personal story into his life as he lived and struggled with cancer. He shared his hopes, his faith, and disappointments that were honest and heartbreaking. He shares his stories with DeLayne and his sons as life continued on through the years. I loved his stories about his sons and shared the impact it had on their lives too. Living with cancer is a physical and spiritual battle. I never knew the depths it went until I read Chris and DeLayne's own personal accounts.

– Aundra Edwards

Cancer— at one point in our lives we have all been affected by it— whether a family member, friend, or your own personal encounter. I have had the blessing of knowing the Haga family for much of my life and the one word I can think of to describe this book is: raw. Mr. Haga takes you on his cancer journey with him through many dated blog posts and does not shy away from the raw moments between him and God. This book will challenge you, grow your faith, possibly bring you to tears, and give you a greater perspective on life no matter what path you are on. Mr. Haga shows that no matter the time stamp, your life and actions can still bring glory to God and further His purposes. I saw his last few years of life impact my family and others immensely, and I know his book will do the same. Friends, I challenge you to read this book along with His Love Carries Me by Mrs. Haga. You won’t regret it!

– Abby Leigh

I loved this book from start to finish! The journey reminds me of the one my mom went through. She, like the author, hardly ever complained, did not like taking the pain medication pills that often, and was at peace with where she was going that she also was able to plan out her funeral while still living. Everyone should read this book—you will learn about struggling with cancer, coping, faith, love and family strength.

– Tim

I’m grateful at Chris Haga’s insightfulness, truthfulness, candor, and humor while ALWAYS glorifying Jesus. Through his writing, he allowed us to take a glimpse into his world with all of life’s trials, questions, the simple joys, and what they were teaching him/us. Chris knew he was not alone, and Jesus would never leave or forsake him. There were times I laughed and wept while reading the pages but was reminded time and time again how much Chris loved Jesus and knew His way and His path was the one Chris trusted. I know Chris is fully restored and can only imagine Chris’ face when he heard Jesus utter the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

– Beth Oyster

This intimate story tells of the Hagas’ love of God as well as their devotion to each other, depicts the bravery of the cancer journey, the hope for a cure, and demonstrates what faith really is. Words can’t express how deeply affected I was by reading His Love Carries Me. Following along on this remarkable quest, I could feel the moments with them, and I witnessed their love of God in every account. The author shares heartfelt, raw emotions that are known only to people experiencing a health crisis such as cancer. This should be a required read for all healthcare providers.

– Anne M., RN, BSN, Senior Research Nurse
Thoracic Head & Neck Medical Oncology
MD Anderson Cancer Center

His Love Carries Me is a unique perspective on health, sickness, love, and God through the eyes of a loving caregiver. The Hagas' journey with God captures the limitations of modern medicine, describes the day-to-day fight for healing, and provides a powerful example of one family’s struggle to fight a menacing disease. After more than a decade in oncology, I learned a new aspect to my work with each chapter. Reading this captivating book helped me understand unwavering faith and will give encouragement to patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers alike. A must-read for everyone.

– Martin Frederik Dietrich, MD, PhD
Florida Hospital Cancer Institute
Orlando, FL

His Love Carries Me is an exceptional testimony of not only one family’s faith, but of God’s unwavering, steadfast faithfulness and grace. DeLayne Haga nails what it feels like to struggle through every step of a devastating diagnosis and bares her heart in this very personal and detailed account. This book will prove to be an invaluable resource for caregivers of persons with any illness. I highly recommend this boldly honest read along with its companion book of her late husband’s spiritual journey, Cancer on Two Wheels. You won’t be disappointed.

– Kristi Brashier


Written for caregivers of terminally ill patients, His Love Carries Me  has a broader appeal as a gripping love story between a man, a woman, and God. DeLayne Haga takes readers on a roller coaster ride of emotions through sickness and health that will inspire readers to hang tightly to their faith. If anyone ever needed a good reason to hug her husband—and God—this book has that, and more.

– Lee Ann Bandy


DeLayne Haga’s His Love Carries Me  is a powerful story of her family’s journey through lung cancer. God used her husband’s diagnosis and treatment path, as well as DeLayne’s caregiving experiences, to reach people and shape lives in sometimes surprising ways. I was encouraged to see how God provided and carried them through, shining His love in darkness and in light. I’d recommend this book not only to those who face a similar path, but also to anyone who hungers to see the ways God works in the lives of His people.

– Beth Mull


I was captivated from start to finish by DeLayne Haga’s tender, loving depiction of the journey of faith, hope & love that she and her husband Chris walked as they valiantly battled his lung cancer.  The author was candid and vulnerable, honest and authentic, even witty and humorous! And so 'human' & humble too--by including those 'wifey' things that we all do and complain about in our minds about our husbands that are really 'majoring on the minors'--like Chris leaving his Bible on the kitchen table. I was inspired to read of their loving relationship, their close-knit family, their strong faith, and the courage they displayed as they faced each new ‘giant’ in their battle against cancer.  Her rich portrayal of the whole journey, beautifully weaving it together in testimony to God's grace and love carrying them through it, was touching and encouraging and also enriching to/for my relationship with Jesus. Oh! And I LOVED how she closed each chapter with a scripture. All in all this book was a true blessing!

– Patty Carroll


I would highly recommend this book to all types of caregivers. DeLayne has written a beautiful and inspiring story about caring for her husband through his journey with cancer. It is such a tribute to their strong faith and a beautiful marriage. It is a must read for caregivers.

– Nancy Bowen Brown

Author of www.faithfilledcaregivers.com


This is an amazing story of true love that endures throughout a roller-coaster journey – a six-year battle with cancer, and beyond. "His Love Carries Me" draws you in and allows you to be a part of this great test of faith. I greatly admire the author for honoring her husband by publishing not only this book, but a compilation of her husband's blogs – "Cancer on Two Wheels," written during these difficult times. The most memorable blog was written to be published upon Chris' death. You'll need a box of tissues. Both books are honest insights into the lives of these two soulmates. I hope you find them as inspiring as I have.

– Janet Johnson

I just completed the reading of His love Carries Me tonight at 10pm, and after I got through drying my eyes and blowing my nose, all I could think was WOW!!! That book was so powerful, and so full of pure unconditional true love!!!! It usually takes me a month (or 2 ) to read a book, but this book .... I could not put it down. Not one minute of the day went by that I wasn’t trying to at least get a page read. I read it in 4 days!! I just felt like I was there with you and Chris the whole time. And you, DeLayne Haga!!!! You are one amazing strong woman. I know we all gather ourselves and muster up strength when we need to as women, but for 6 years? Praise the Lord for you! There was not one page that I did not sense what and how you were feeling. And putting yourself aside so selflessly. True pure love is what I was reading. From God, from you, and from Chris. That is one heck of a testimony of how people should love and live the word of God!!! Thank you for writing this completely tremendous story. I could not quit crying at the end. I have had a grandmother (female parts), a mother in law (lung), an aunt (lung) and a brother- in-law (brain) all pass over the past 15 years, but I was never around them enough to know about all the medical problems and solutions that were involved. WOW! You are one amazing woman is all I can say!!! You have the testimony and power and knowledge to go make such a huge difference in other’s lives. The word needs to get out about your writings. Ordering the other book tomorrow!!! Thank God for your love!!!

– Shelley F.

His Love Carries Me was given to me as a pre-released copy.
We know this sweet couple and walked a very short time with them during Chris's battle with cancer. DeLayne gave a honest look into her family’s life and shared with us what life looks like fighting cancer. As a advocate for Chris, she details her steps as she worked with the medical community. She shares their journey as a couple and family through the years. I found the book insightful for people who have cancer in their lives or know of someone which this disease has touched. I never knew how living with cancer is so devastating for everyone involved. DeLayne communicates their story beautifully and tenderly.

– Aundra Edwards

His Love Carries Me is a well written book demonstrating this couple’s faith, hope and love for each other and God as they battled Chris’s Stage IV Lung Cancer for 6 years. You feel like you are walking this road with them. I believe this book would be beneficial reading for all caregivers of any illness, not just cancer and for those in the medical profession. This book also gives suggestions and tips for caregivers as they cope with daily living and caring for their loved one.

– an Amazon customer

Mrs. Haga pens a moving and highly personal TRUE story of a middle-class American family waging the battle of their lives against the most hated disease of all: cancer. As she meticulously logs doctor's appointments, scores of tests, and searches for new clinical trials being sponsored by pharmaceutical companies which might extend her husband's life, she details the emotional roller coaster ride they are both on. This book gives you a front-row seat to the mercy, kindness and love of God--an experience that few of us will encounter. I knew Chris Haga eventually lost his battle with lung cancer, so I expected a very sad ending, but instead the ending was beautiful and poignant. This book is an excellent resource for caregivers as Mrs. Haga provides several examples from what she learned through the six-year struggle, as well as a resource list at the end of the book. I cherish this book and will be purchasing more copies to give to friends.

– Cheryl McGuire

This book was recommended by a friend. Our 29-year-old son was diagnosed with myeloma. My wife is acting as his caregiver. This book was fantastic. I cannot recommend it enough. It is open and honest. It is well written. It gives tons of extremely practical helps for families who have loved ones with cancer. It also honors and exalts Christ. You will come to love this couple and their boys as you read about their journey fighting lung cancer. DeLayne Haga has written a book that will help and encourage those who must battle cancer. Chris and DeLayne Haga ultimately point their readers to the Great Physician, Jesus Christ. They show us that His grace is sufficient in any and all circumstances, even the death of a spouse. Thank you Chris and DeLayne Haga for who you are and for writing your story.

I do have one final piece of advice. Make sure you read this book with a box of Kleenex near you. You will need it.

– Jimmy Carter

I was fortunate enough to grow up with DeLayne Haga... the author and wife of Chris Haga. I read the entire book in 3 sittings. It is very professionally written... heart wrenchingly authentic and the ever elusive “page turner.” Stupid cancer just stinks. I lost my daddy to the same non-small cell lung cancer that Chris suffered and fought through so incredibly courageously. If this book had been available, it would have helped my caregiver role with my daddy immensely. It’s a fascinating story of the most difficult situation a couple will ever face. It also is a profound story of genuine faith in our Lord. May God bless you, DeLayne. Your words on paper read like a 3D movie. A must read.

– Ken Harrell