2018 Christian Literary Award Competition

Cancer on Two Wheels and His Love Carries Me are nominated in 3 different categories for the 2018 Christian Literary Awards. In addition to the Henri Award (which is voted on by a review panel of judges), the readers have a chance to vote on their favorite book/author for the "Reader's Choice" in each category. Voting is open from October 1-15. Please vote for one of our books in:

Grief & Terminal Illness

Chris and I have some strong competition (including each other’s books)! Here's the direct link for the voting. You will need to click on "vote" after you have made your selection in EACH category. (Thus you will need to press "vote" 3 times if you vote in all 3 of the categories our books are nominated for.)


To see our competition, you may view a short video for each category that our books are competing in:

Grief & Terminal Illness: https://animoto.com/play/8044Yi1hAE2WF8cMy2DCpQ

Testimonial: https://animoto.com/play/yqAdMwyq1hRNvdKKec5vyQ

Non-Fiction: https://animoto.com/play/I8YyS7FQEJJaImmDWThEiQ

I would love to get this seal of excellence on both our books. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Christian Literary Award Seal of Excellence.jpg